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Pick A Card - Week 3- Janurary 15, 2023

Pick A Card 

Week of January 15, 2023

Card #1

The Tower

This card shows up when the ground below you may feel unstable. The funny thing is that Everything is Always changing; even before this shift. What would happen if you focus more on the non-material world- something like your breath? Time to get in the water and float downstream. 

Chakra #1: Muladhara, base of spine, red light 

Card #2
9 of Cups

This week may be a good time to reap the benefits of your hard work. Start with a deep sense of gratitude and resist the urge to identify too strongly (on a personal, egoic level) with the outcome. 

Chakra #7 Sahasrara: crown of head, white light

Card #3

Ace of Pentacles
It may be a good time to take a leap of faith in the direction of new job opportunities that arise. Consider where you put your energy this week. You will reap what you sow. Chakra #1: Muladhara, base of spine, red light

All the Cards Together: 

Destruction is needed for Creation. You never know what will come out of an earthquake in life. Stay open. True yoga is to find connections and to observe life as it truly is. For now, set your judgment aside.  


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