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4 Ways to Ignite Your Creative Spark

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Years ago, I decided to make a small painting every week for a year. My first thought was making 52 paintings would be impossible, but I started anyway. A few weeks in, I purchased a classic manual typewriter on Craigslist and started adding quotes to the paintings. If you were a yoga student of mine at that time, you got a small photocopy of these paintings with your yoga practice. After a year my students asked me if I could continue to bring them paintings when the year was done. I did, and continued to do so for six years!...

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Yoga Magic Podcast - Ep. 38 A Journey through Creativity and Intuition

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Check out this fun podcast with the lovely Ashley Sondergaard.  In this yoga podcast, we discussed yoga, creative life and details on my new Land Sky Oracle. At the end there is a short meditation for you to enjoy!   Ep. 38 - A Journey through Creativity and Intuition with Theresa Hutch of White Sage Tarot

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Leaf Painting Process

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Every week I make a new (little) painting. Here's and example of a time-lapse video -Painting a leaf. New painting every day!

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