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Pick A Card - Week 10 - March 5, 2023

Pick A Card 

Week 10
Card #1
The Sun card shows up to remind you of the abundance in your life. With 11 wings on each side this scarab also represents rebirth and the dawning of a new day. Today, commit to finding balance between gratitude and fun. 
Card #2
Asana, Physical Postures
Consider coming back to your practice of coming back to your center everyday this week. Time to embody this bull who is sacred, still and strong! 
Affirmation: I reconnect with nature and feel radiant peace. 
Card #3
The Hierophant in this deck represents your own inner-teacher. Any big questions you are faced with have answers within the still quiet space within. 
This Week's Vibe:
As the weather shifts, be open to it. Practice unconditional love, and unconditional happiness and see where it takes you!

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