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Pick A Card - Week 7 - February 12, 2023

Pick A Card 

Week 7
Card #1
2 of Swords
Consider a truce with any conflicts that come up this week. 
When you pick your battles carefully, you'll find a reserve of energy that you didn't know you had. 
As Ram Dass would say, "Finally, I decided that I'd rather be free than right."
Chakra #4: Anahata, Heart Chakra, green light
Card #2
Ace of Wands
This is the card that started this deck. When Theresa was painting these pussy willows she heard the idea, "This looks like a wand in a tarot deck. You should paint a tarot deck!" Consider finding a creative spark this week. 
Start with curiousity and see where it takes you.
Chakra #1: Muladhara, base of spine, red light
Card #3
8 of Pentacles
Put in the time to hone your craft this week. Every step you take leads you to the next... even the "happy accidents" can help lead you to the unknown.
Chakra #3: Manipura, solar plexus, yellow light
All the Cards Together: 
Work with your energy wisely. 
You are a creative being and when you are open to the unknown, the journey unfolds before you. 

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