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White Sage Tarot-

Personal Tarot Reading - Virtual Live and In-Person


Theresa offers live Zoom tarot readings and for curious adults who would like a personal reading anywhere in the world. She can also meet with people in the Twin Cities for one-on-one readings. 

She reads from her own White Sage Tarot deck, and her Land Sky Oracle.

What to expect in a tarot reading:

You’ll be treated with respect, friendliness, and kindness. 

Theresa has a sincere desire to help you see the world through the tarot lens.

Often tarot helps us spot patterns and reflect on the best course of action.

• No judgement with complete confidentiality.  

• If you are brand new to tarot, Theresa will explain how they read and answer any questions.

• You can take a screenshot of your spread and record your reading so you can go back a review later

• If something negative comes up in the reading, she will help you to find strategies. 

• You’ll finish feeling empowered and entertained

• Elements of the deck: minor arcana, major arcana and court cards

• Symbolism: traditional and modern

 Spread used is Celtic Cross with the White Sage Tarot and a few over arching cards with the Land Sky Oracle.

Time 40-45 minutes

Hi Theresa,

In review:

Incredibly insightful, I just loved my tarot reading via zoom! My session left me overflowing with warmth and inspiration about the year to come. The beautiful cards along with Theresa’s natural gifts, encouraged introspection and a gentle evaluation of what could be implemented into my daily practice to benefit my energy. Simply amazing on so many levels! I look forward to giving this experience as a gift. 

On Dec 20, 2020, at 9:36 PM, Theresa Hutch <> wrote:

Please email Theresa about setting up a good time to meet :





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