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Meet Theresa Hutch - creator of White Sage Tarot

 About the Artist

Theresa Hutch is the creator of White Sage Tarot and Land Sky Oracle. She also works as as custom painter and home stylist. She makes paintings to help make your home truly unique! You can email her for a quote and set up a time to meet and discuss your needs.

Theresa lives and works out of her home studio in Minneapolis, MN. She owns an on-line stationery shop called Small Cloud Shop and she also sells wholesale to 21 stores both local and global. She has a B.A. in Design Communications and is licensed to teach yoga. Theresa loves to travel, teach yoga and spend time with her family. 

B. A. graphic design University of Minnesota
Art Teaching certification, Western Michigan University
Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Center of Minneapolis

Theresa is honored to have been featured on numerous websites and magazines including: Mantra Magazine, Craft Paper Scissors, MPLSTYLE, Cartomancer Magazine and Yoga Travel Tree. She is grateful to work with other small businesses who support locally made merchandise. 


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