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Pick A Card - Week 6 - February 5, 2023

Pick A Card 

Week 6

Card #1
Knight of Pentacles
Plant the seed of compassion and find patience (enjoyment) in the process. 
Step by step, row by row time to watch your garden grow. 
Slow and steady wins the race. 
Chakra #6: Manipura,  solar plexus, yellow light
Card #2
The World
Take your dreams from the micro level to the macro level and then back. 
Don't limit yourself with your rational mind alone. 
There is a potential in this acorn to become a mighty oak. 
Chakra #7: Sahasrara, crown, white light
Card #3
The Tower
There is a shift that may throw you off your plans. Time to pivot. 
This Tower is in water to remind you to float down stream. 
Take the path of least resistance. 
Chakra #5: Muladhara, base of spine, red light
All the Cards Together: 
Every thought in your head plants a seed. Be consciously optimistic and you'll notice a shift in your atmosphere. You are an unlimited being so stop limiting your little self to witness your greater Self. 

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