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Pick A Card - Week 5 - January 29, 2023

Pick A Card 

Week 5
Card #1
2 of Wands
You are a creative being. Consider getting your hands dirty and invite your favorite person to join in the fun and the sparks will fly. 
Chakra #6: Anahata, heart chakra, green light
Card #2
The Hermit 
Carve out some time for rejuvenation and Self-care this week. There are secrets hidden in the alone silence. Put on your comfy-cozies and make yourself a good cup of tea. 
Chakra #5: Vissudha, throat, blue light
Card #3
Find some balance in the scales of justice in your own life and watch it ripple out. Peace starts with You. 
Chakra #5: Vissudha, throat, blue light
All the Cards Together: 
This week’s focus is about finding balance. 
Start your day with a promise of shining bright.
Find a way to balance your work and your play in life.
Better yet, have a playful spirit in your work life.

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