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Pick A Card - Week 1 - Janurary 1, 2023


Pick A Card 


Week of January 1, 2023

Card #1

8 of Pentacles

You are the master of your craft. Now is the time for some sweat equity. Put in your time every, single, day to practice your craft. Quantity leads to Quality. 

Chakra #3: Manipura, solar plexus, yellow light

Card #2

6 of Cups

It may be nice to reflect on the “good old days” but don’t get too caught up in the story line. 

Your present activities affect the past like the wake in a ship. Take time to be present in this moment, and find acceptance in how it is. This clarity will be your guide forward. 

Chakra #6 Ajna: third eye, violet light

Card #3

King of Pentacles

A person of their word can go a long way. Be true to yourself and put down your guard. You might be surprised who steps up to show you the love. 

Chakra #6 Ajna: third eye, violet light 

All the Cards Together: 

Overall, these cards can remind you that if you put in the work, you will reap the material benefits soon. You are heading in the right direction- Keep going!


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