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Wheel of Fortune- Black Seed Tarot - Sphinx, card #10 Original Tarot Art

Wheel of Fortune- Black Seed Tarot - Sphinx, card #10 Original Tarot Art


Watercolor painting for Black Seed Tarot painted by Theresa Hutch for her new tarot deck that will be published by US Games Systems Inc. in 2023. This painting is an original watercolor that will be The Wheel of Fortune of this deck.

The Wheel of Fortune 10

Upright: Fate, motion

The wheel of change is always in motion. In order to manifest the life of your dreams, place yourself within the still calm center. This image includes a sphinx who represents a being that is half human and half lion. With eyes wide open, they are not thrown by the changing tide. This Sphinx isn’t phased.  Symbols of the elements run along their spine up to the third eye center to show an intimate connection to the universe. 

Reversed:Subtle changes, shifts

Resist the urge to carve your plans in stone. The more you roll with shifts in life by responding, rather than reacting, the better. Remember: stress is what happens when your expectations and reality don’t match up!

Chakra 7 Sahasrara: Crown, white light

- Signed by Artist, Theresa Hutch

- One-of-a-kind --- No Reprints will be made

- Only the best materials: 100% Cotton paper, color-fast Schminkcke watercolors 

- Mounted on Acidfree 11"x14" (Standard American-size frame)
(27.94 x 35.56 cm)

- Painting 8"x 10"
(120.32 x 25.40 cm) 

*Please email Theresa with any questions about this item: 

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