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Saraswati - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch

Saraswati - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch


Watercolor painting for Divine Grace Oracle painted by Theresa Hutch for her new oracle deck that will be published by US Games Systems Inc. in 2023. This painting is an original watercolor that depicts Saraswati in this deck.

Black acid-free mat 16"x20" (40.64 x 50.80cm) US shipping only, please contact Theresa for international details. 

(saras, flow; wati, woman)

Qualities: Goddess of Knowledge, Music and Art

Saraswati is the essence of learning, music and art. She brings peace and harmony through playing the lute, veena. She reminds you how to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually through patience and generosity.

 This image shows Devi Saraswati with the Saraswati river flowing as her hair. She was initially a river goddess, a symbol of purity, in early texts called the Rigveda. Saraswati’s vehicles, vahanas: a peacock and swan are shown on either side. The lotus is an ancient symbol of beauty that is grows in the muck or the deepest despair in life.

“The quest for Saraswati is the journey from finite to infinite. But with illusion, maya, we equate ‘what I have’ to ‘what I am.’ Mine becomes me. The more I have, the greater I feel I am. We construct a self-image of ourselves. This is delusion.” - Devout Pattanaik

Yoga Sutra “By samayama on the light within, the knowledge of the subtle, hidden and remote is obtained. [Note: subtle as atoms, hidden as treasure, remote as far and distant lands.] ” YS 3.26


What is your creative outlet?

Can you honor the intangible parts of life?

Find gratitude for the beauty around you.

Affirmation: I am a creator; open to the unknown.

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