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Magician-  Black Seed Tarot - original art

Magician- Black Seed Tarot - original art


Watercolor painting for Black Seed Tarot painted by Theresa Hutch for her new tarot deck that will be published by US Games Systems Inc. in 2023. This painting is an original watercolor that will be The Magician card for this deck.

Magician 1

Upright: Mysterious, master

All of your tools are on the table. This skilled barista works without hesitation to make the perfect brew. The Magician reminds you that you are limitless and a perfect cup of coffee can help the sparks fly. This rabbit is inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. He reminds you that there is no time like the present to do what you need to do to meet your dreams.  An Infinity symbol can indicate that your energy is sacred. Use it wisely, stay focused and dream big. 

Reversed: Inflated ego, lacking purpose

When the espresso starts running through your veins, your power will feel strong. Keep focused on your task at hand and work with  your power for positive causes. Stay humble and understand that the power flows through you rather than from you. 

Chakra 6 Ajna: Third-eye, violet light  

- Signed by Artist, Theresa Hutch

- One-of-a-kind --- No Reprints will be made

- Only the best materials: 100% Cotton paper, color-fast Schminkcke watercolors 

- Mounted on Acidfree 11"x14" (Standard American-size frame)
(27.94 x 35.56 cm)

- Painting 8"x 10"
(120.32 x 25.40 cm) 

*Please email Theresa with any questions about this item: 

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