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Krishna - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch

Krishna - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch


Watercolor painting for Divine Grace Oracle painted by Theresa Hutch for her new oracle deck that will be published by US Games Systems Inc. in 2023. This painting is an original watercolor that depicts Krishna in this deck.

Black acid-free mat 16"x20" (40.64 x 50.80cm) US shipping only, please contact Theresa for international details. 

*Please email Theresa with any questions about this item:

Qualities: Light Hearted, Pure Vibrations

Hollow and empty, the flute does not produce any sound of its own. Krishna, an Avatar of Vishnu, breathes life into the it and divine musical notes streams out. The flute surrenders the empty space within completely and in doing so, beautiful music fills the universe. We too can make ourselves like the flute, completely hollow within, devoid of blockages and obstructions so that we are able to bear all of life’s adversities and austerities.

This awe inspiring music makes Radha fall in love with Krishna. Although she is his consort, there are stories of cow herding people, who fall madly in love with him too. They represent a soul’s sincere earning to be free. They would come out and dance known as the divine dance, rasalila as a metaphor for the unification with the Divine.

Yoga Sutra:

“These Great Vows are universal, not limited by class, place, time or circumstance.”

Yoga Sutra 2.31


What’s your part in the Divine Dance?

Fill your life with beautiful sounds.

Fearlessly dance in your pajamas.

Affirmation: I take my life lightly and live in the Spirit.


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