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Shiva - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch

Shiva - Divine Grace Oracle - 16"x20" Original Watercolor, Art by Theresa Hutch


Watercolor painting for Divine Grace Oracle painted by Theresa Hutch for her new oracle deck that will be published by US Games Systems Inc. in 2023. This painting is an original watercolor that depicts Shiva in this deck.

Black acid-free mat 16"x20" (40.64 x 50.80cm) US shipping only, please contact Theresa for international details. 

*Please email Theresa with any questions about this item:

Qualities: Atman, Auspicious One

Shiva is one the main gods in the Triad and is worshipped by Shaivites. Although Shiva is known as the God of Destruction he is also known as the first yogi, adiyogi who removed himself from society to meditate in the Himalayan mountains. If you visit Rishikesh, The Land of the Saints, in Northern India, you can experience this birthplace of yoga. Another name for this area is The Land of Shiva.

Shaivite theology ranges from Shiva being the creator, preserver, and destroyer to being the same as the True Self, Atman within oneself and every living being. It is closely related to worship of the divine feminine energy, Shakti. It is the Hindu tradition that most accepts ascetic life and emphasizes the yoking of life called yoga. Like other Hindu traditions encourages an individual to discover and be one with Shiva within.

The Ganges River, the Ganga, is the river goddess that flows from the source of Shiva’s long dreaded hair. Shiva’s eyes are half way open, representing the process of the universe still unfolding. His thrid-eye is open and represents seeing the spiritual, beyond everyday life. 

The crescent moon, Ardha-Chandrama, on his head represent Shiva’s control over the unfolding of time. The snake around his neck represents his fearless connection to nature.

The Trident is the spear of Shiva, and it represents his three fundamental powers: will, action and knowledge. It is used to destroy evil and ignorance.

Yoga Sutra

“Now, the exposition of Yoga. The restraint of the modifications of mind-stuff is Yoga. Then the Seer (Self) abides in its true nature.” YS 1.1-.3


Do you have resistance to change?

Everything is always changing, including every cell in your body. 

See if you can flow down the stream.

Affirmation: I am fluid, like the Ganga river.


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