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Sacred Adiv Spread Cloth/ Alter Cloth

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Sacred Adiv Spread Cloth/ Alter Cloth


Nirmaalya is the Sanskrit name given to flowers, fruit and other natural offerings that were made to Hindu gods during worship.Traditionally, these were supposed to be immersed in a water body after being blessed as an offering back to nature.
However, in today’s times, these are simply thrown away by the temple authorities along with plastic cups and metal trays that have become part of the offering.
Thus, Nature’s bounty that graced the feet of the gods is discarded along with the city’s other garbage.

But what if one were to utilise this? 

Today when concern for the environment and conservation of the resources of the natural world are of paramount importance, it is vital that we look towards the future and consider the environmental and human impact of our activities.

The aim of any natural dyer, today, therefore is to use dyes only from renewable sources and to reduce the quantities of chemicals used, without compromising the quality of the results.

It is therefore important to marry the environmental advantages of using ancient natural dying techniques with modern scientific expertise to ensure the products so created are commercially viable as well.

The Temple Project aims to create a dye palette that is 100% based on recycled temple waste applied in a scientifically controlled manner to achieve beautiful textiles with excellent fastness properties. 

Details above from Please go there for details on this amazing company! 

Small Spread Cloth Details

Size: vary between 12x12 inches (30.48 x 30.48 cm) 17x17inches  (43.18 x 43.18cm) 

Color: Every cloth is unique dyed with natural items like roses, coconut, and indigo and temple flowers like marigolds that are upcycled and made into dyes!
Please let me know if you want one with warm colors (fire colors - yellow, red, orange) or cool colors (water colors - blues, greens, greys). 

- smells like heaven 

- very special cloths so you can store your deck and spread on a small cafe table for a reading - the Adiv cloth that you get was meant for you! 


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