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life in Japan vol. 1


grandmas on mopeds 

The last thing that I want to do is write to you about a long check-off list of all of the things that I’ve seen so far in Japan. 

Instead, I’d like to share with you a few things that are beautiful, a few things that are hard and a few that are mysteries.


Beautiful Things

The list is too long, but I in first two weeks I’ve witnessed beauty in the details. 

Foliage trimmed into shapes that would make Dr. Seuss swoon

Paths made of mosaics of brick that glimmer in the rain

Trains that come so often and on-time your can set your watch by them

Sea air with warm breezes

Hills that contain a mysterious pulse

Kamakura - small town, amazing sculpture of Buddha 

Grandmas on mopeds, grandpas in stylish hats and many people in their 70's pulling weeds, and trimming trees



Hard Things

Getting lost beyonds a center and without a crutch of English to guide me

It has rained almost every day in the 2 weeks (learning to adapt to public transportation in a deluge)

Tons of plastic bags- trying bring my own bags and even then some people insist on bagging things in bags with a bag. 

Emotional roller coasters and just general difficulty traveling with kids who are siblings



Why do we end up going to a restaurant in the middle of a down-pour looking like drowned rats when everyone else there (who didn’t even wear rain coats) is totally dry? 

What’s the French connection to Japan? We’ve eaten REALLY well so far:)

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