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back in the flow...

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The art of knowing, is knowing what to ignore.


It is hard to go to a yoga class without being reminded to breathe and focus. As a yoga teacher, I believe that this is the work of yoga. 

This weekend I took a 5 hour road trip with my son to Wisconsin. To pass the time we listened to WPR and one of the themes was on how the brain works. How pathways are developed from when we are young and (for better or for worse) can affect the way we travel through the world. This insightful research included both nature (genetic makeup) and nuture.

The most fascinating element of this program was when they talked about our ability to change our own pathways.  People have been meditating for centuries for a reason. As you do some brainwork this week let's play with the idea of ignoring what isn't relevant in this moment. Right here, right now. 



May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
-Nelson Mandela







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